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Roof Repairs

If the roof or other parts of a house is leaking, not only the whole house can be under but the people who live or work there are in danger soon.  House with mould, damages from moisture and leaking water or poor ventilation is not the environment that is sought after to live or work in.

  • We are roofers.  If the roof needs attention, we are the one to call.

  • We do also have a wide knowledge how to find and fix leaks.

  • We have tools, and material to fix leaking roofs and houses.

  • If the roof’s cladding is getting old, we can replace it with new one.

  • If ventilation in roof is blocked or need fixing, we are the one to call

  • If the house or roof need repainting, we are the one to call as we have master painters working with us.

We take care of everything that belongs to the roof, cladding, rafters, woodwork, ventilation, and other things that are needed for the roof to have a new life created by experienced people. Building Mainenance

Roof Repairs Information
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