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Doors & Windows

In short, when your windows need attention, we are here to help. Everything concern windows is what we do
We also specialize in skylights, installing new and replace old one.

Need to fix the sashes or replace? Call us as we can help
If your window needs a paint touch-up, we are the one to call. We install new and replace doors and windows. Old out and new in, included finishing side jamb liners around the windows and doors.  We also fix sashes that do not close tight and replace weather stripping.

In most buildings the windows are like the eyes of them. Windows do more than being the gateway of lights or to enjoy the view from, they do in many cases give a strong characteristic impression on the building.

All wooden windows need regular maintenance, in many cases they need to be checked every five years, depending on how they are shielded against weather. We can take old windows and let them look like new. Sometimes their sills, heads and jambs need to be fixed and rotten pieces cut off and the wound fixed. We also replace the weather stripping and renew the glazing casing, the putty might also be needed to replace.

We can also assist customers with material selection and design as well as cost-effective purchasing through our partners.Building Mainenance

Doors & Windows  Information
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