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We offer a wide range of services related to new construction, renovation and maintenance of
real estate developed by professionals all the way

Our Services


New Buildings

We work on all kinds of new constructions, from foundations to the rooftops. We cover all aspects from design to finishing. We can also help buying modular houses of many types.

New Buildings


Good maintenance is important for all houses and necessary for owners to have access to professional craftsmen, if they are after proper work. Most people know it and when.



We undertake all major indoor and outdoor painting works, floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and roofs. We do all needed preparation, scraping and high pressure washing.



Internal & Walls

Installation of almost all that need to install in all kinds of houses and dwelling places. We can handle the entire process from design to finishing.

Internal & Walls


We do Installment and finishing of kitchen furnishings and partitions, assembly and connecting appliances and whiteware, faucets and drainage. Finishing tabletops and tiling.



It is not uncommon to renew bathrooms every 10 to 20 years, end even more often as it is usually the most used room in the house. We are professionals in renewing bathrooms.



Everything for flooring, floating, varnishing and laying flooring. We can fix damaged parquet, replace broken tiles and reglue loose tiles. We are specialized in laying parquet.


Doors & Windows

Installing new windows and replace the old ones is among other works we do on windows. We also fresh up old windows so they look like new and the same with the sashes and sealants.

Doors & Windows

Renovations & Extentions

Whether you are embarking on a minor or major project, alteration, or renovation, we have professionals in every corner and every trade. We can help with all works inside and outside.

Renovations & Extensions

Roofs & Leaking

Most houses’ pride is the roof. If the roof is not tight the whole house is in danger.
In many cases, it can be more simple and more practical to fix and paint than replace.

Roofs & Leaking
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About Us

The goal and main emphasis of Máva byggingalausna is to provide its customers with excellent service as well as comprehensive and cost-effective solutions related to construction, maintenance and operation of real estate. Our history goes back to the year 1970 when those who run the company started independent operations. Soon, a great deal of knowledge and experience was gained in repairing and renovating older buildings. Often be dauntless, make an effort a success maple casino online casino.


These include extending window life, window replacement, roof repairs and various repairs related to moisture and leakage damage, both indoors and outdoors. Later, the tasks became more diverse and in some cases more complex. In recent years, there has been a large increase in the concreting of houses, the construction of wooden houses, glulam buildings as well as the design and construction of steel frame houses. In recent years, we have also moved into the construction of platforms, retaining walls and fences.

We employ skilled craftsmen, experienced project managers and construction managers with decades of experience.

In addition, we have strong partners who have experienced and skilled craftsmen and engineers on work related to most areas of the construction industry.



Contact Us


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (+354) 868 8030 or fill out the following form

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